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Helm Literary Publishing
Guideline for Submission of Manuscripts

Helm Literary Publishing specializes in fiction, and
non-fiction genres.

Our books cover a broad range of subjects and styles. We also
publish in the Young Adult, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Memoir, Speculative/Science Fiction, Horror, Romance, Cookbook, Self Help, or Business genres.

Basic Guidelines
Although we do review unsolicited manuscripts, we prefer a query first, accompanied by a sample. Samples should be the first 3 chapters or 20 to 40 pages, typed/printed in a minimum 12 pt. font, double-spaced on 8.5 x 11 white paper, with all pages numbered, name, address, telephone number, and email preferred on the cover letter and first page, without binding or stapling. For fiction and non-fiction, also provide a one-page synopsis of the work. We regret to inform that, due to time constraints, we are unable to provide feedback on all the manuscripts we receive.

Only submissions including a self-addressed stamped envelope, (SASE) will be responded to and/or returned. Please make sure the SASE is of sufficient size, with sufficient postage, for your manuscript if you wish it returned.

Timelines: In general, we plan at least 12 months in advance. Because this industry is based on cycles, please be aware that at certain times of the year, these guidelines may be stretched to accommodate events, releases or other promotions going on at the time. Submissions are first screened in house, so an initial response or query will normally be reported within 4-6 months. If the manuscript is being seriously considered, a final decision may take an additional 4-6 months. Which is why we don't mind simultaneous submissions.

Every calendar year we receive more than one thousand unsolicited manuscripts. About 5 percent are seriously considered and about 1 percent are published (10 to 12 per year). Those not published might well be published in another year or by another publishing house. Although literary merit is the most important determining factor, list balance and marketability are also considered. We are interested in tightly written, well-plotted, manuscripts in the genres of police procedural, private eye, women's subgenres, suspense, science fiction, mystery, and thriller. We are also considering Y/A, cozies or "special knowledge" manuscripts. If you are uncertain what sub-genre your manuscript falls within, please email dianne@publishersdrive.com

Final Words
Follow these guidelines, write well, be patient. Send your submission to:

Acquisitions Editor
Helm Publishing, Inc.
P.O. Box 9691
Treasure Island, FL 33706




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