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2006 Releases


Inside Out                                         by Gerald Zipper


Sigourney's Quest                            by Gordon Snider

Northern Escape  (Out of Print)    by R.L. Coffield


Never Regret the Pain: Loving and Losing a Bipolar Spouse                 by Sel Erder Yackley

Thicker than Water                       by Ben Frazier


Cosmic Dust                                      by Richard White

Crown of Thorns                             by David Fane


Children of the Sun Beneath the Centuries   (Out of Print....a few copies left ..Buy Yours Today )         by Ali Ataman


A Guide for Effective Psychotherapy                                 by Dr. John Morella


Gameplayer  by Gary Anderson  (Out of Print....a few copies left ..Buy Yours Today )        


Mind Made                                        by Amy Lignor


Lottie Bright and the Starmaker's Universe                                            by Greg Grannis

The Journeyers                              by Neil Crawford


Promises to Keep   by DL Larson(Out of Print....a few copies left ..Buy Yours Today )                                      

2007 Releases


Don't Crash My Party!                  by Shirene Hansotia   (Out of Print....a few copies left ..Buy Yours Today )    


In Pursuit of Pat O'Brien                by Tami Hotard    (Out of Print..Author owes Publisher money!                                 


The Royal Quests                             by Wesley Lowe

Shadow in the Rain                         by Harriett Ford


An Unlikely Duke, Volume One of The Myrridian Cycle                       by Debra Killeen

Tutor                                                   by Tom Te-wu-Ma


Lord Emberstone's Quest               by Michael Hill


A Gift of Dreams                          Book 1 of the Trilogy, Imperfectly Ordinary                                            by Robert A.  Benjamin


Double Identity                                  by Margaret Clay (Out of Print....a few copies left ..Buy Yours Today )                        AUGUST

The Separatist                                 by Gordon Snider


 The Cowgirl and the Colts            by Paul Travers


The Dictator's Astrologer                by Roberleigh Claigh


2008 Releases


Castle Ladyslipper                           by Lee Grantier (Out of Print) 


The Tales of Tanglewood: The Lon Dubh Whistle                                   by Scott Kessman


The Eye of Icarus                        Book 1 of the Space Frontier Series by Michael D'Ambrosio


Switcher                                                  by Diane Mayer Christiansen


The Dragon Child                           by CK Miller


A Prince in Need, Volume Two of The Myrridian Cycle                        by Debra Killeen

Perhaps You Do Not Know Who I Am                                                                by Rebecca Kopp DiPiazza


A Boy with a Red Parcel                 by Steven Haderlie


Ring Dragon                                        by Mister Ringerz


O. Y. L.                                              by Scott Heydt


2009 Releases


Ellis House                                        by Maria Channell


Dangerous Liaisons                   Book 2 of the Space Frontier Series by Michael D'Ambrosio


I Promised You Daisies              Book 2 in the Trilogy, Imperfectly Ordinary by Robert A. Benjamin


Legacy of the Archbishop          Volume Three of  The Myrridian Cycle   by Debra Killeen


Cocaine Jungle                                by F.W. Brown


A Visit to Heaven                            by Tom Te Wu-Ma


Indefensible                                        by Rebecca Frankeny


The Hypnotist                                  by Gordon Snider


Point of Reference, Nomad's Land                                                     by J. Allen Adams


2010 Releases


Priestess Awakening, Volume Four of The Myrridian Cycle         by Debra Killeen


NEVER SAY, "I'm on a diet." by George Gressell


The Devil's Playground, Book 3 of The Space Frontier Series by Michael D'Ambrosio


Hey Mister, Will It Fly?                  by Robert A Benjamin


The Vampire's Tomb Mystery        by Dwight  Christopher Kemper


2011 Releases


The Source                                        by Diana Bastine


Abner the Clown                              by Jeffrey Breslauer


Kingdom in the Balance                 by Debra Killeen

Mice Don't Taste Like Chicken  by Scott Heydt


Venice Lost                                      by Gordon Snider

2012 Releases


An Eternity of Shadow,  A Collection of Vampire Diaries Book 2 of The Dante's Diary Vampire Series                                  by Andrea Van Scoyoc


Shapeshifter                                      by Diana Bastine


Galaxy of the Damned               Book 4  of the Space Frontier   series                                                by Michael D'Ambrosio


A King's Task     (Ebook  only)         by A. V. Wedhorn


Blissful Lies                                       by Jennifer Brown-Thomas


Cosmic Dust and the Eternal Code by Richard A. White

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Interview With Debra Killeen, Author of "An Unlikely Duke"

The Gatekeepers Post


Author A. V. Wedhorn Releases Fantastic Fantasy, A King's Quest

When Fallen Angels Fly - by Vicki Thornberry


Cosmic Dust and the Eternal Code                          by Richard A. White


A tale of the legendary "JACK BENNY" who -- in the character of "ROBERT SMITH" -- will follow you in a revolving door and come out ahead of you.  The story of a man who pinches a penny so tight both heads and tails come out on the same side of the coin.  A self-centered miser who, upon discovering the secret of eternal life, will share with no one, committing "eternal life" to code.


Your challenge -- if you choose to accept -- is to unlock the Eternal Code and "WIN CASH PRIZE!"  See www.cosmicdustcode.com for details.


Price: $14.95







by Jennifer Brown-Thomas



Blissful Lies tells a heart-wrenching story exploring the enviable bonds of five best friends who, in the midst of growing up together, are just starting to realize how much they still have to learn about life. They quickly find the limits of their relationships are tested when secrets and lies rapidly interrupt their picture perfect existence, threatening the stability of years of friendship. At the center of their universe is mother to one group member and Brown-Thomas University Chancellor, Addison Hamilton. Uncertainty in her own life leads her down a path of no return as she finds herself a little too involved with someone many years her junior. While each person is forced to take responsibility for their hidden secret, they wonder if ultimately, it’s just too much to move forward as the ‘family’ they once claimed to be. Join us on the journey, which allows true love to surface despite obvious obstacles, fearful hatred to emerge with a vengeance and betrayal of even the most loyal of friends. As lives are left in tattered pieces, everyone is forced to choose…. Will the group fall apart at the seams or will the strong bonds of everlasting friendship

 withstand the fire of deceit?


PRICE: $15.00






A King's Task                                         by A. V. Wedhorn                           Volume 2 of the Kingdom Chronicles


Pain wracked the knight champion as he slowly pulled his body out of the icy water and onto the frozen shore.  Blood ran off his back forming a murky pool under him. Gasping, he coughed up a bloody froth from his burning lungs. Bertravis Liolbane wasn’t sure why he was still alive. Lifting his face out of the mud, he stared forlornly back in the direction he had came. I should have stayed, he thought miserably. My king and queen died and yet I live. He saw no movement in the smoldering remains. He must have been mistaken.  With a heavy heart Bertravis dismissed his surge of hope.  For a moment, he thought he had seen a figure clutching something staggering out of the flames.

A King's Task, Volume 2 of The Kingdom Chronicles, delves deep into the minds and motivations of a treacherous race, a power hungry Regent, his pet wizard, and their revenge-seeking knight champion,  as they plot through deceit and deception to take control of the Fourteen Kingdoms.  Join Damien Daverge, his best friend, Logan Longshadow, Kendle Stonebreaker, son of the powerful Hill Dwarves, Alyssa, the magical Cleric of Dar, Cassica Essen, battlemage supreme, and others as they battle to put the rightful heir of the Fourteen Kingdoms on the Throne and rise above the worst, do what is necessary and right while pledging their lives no matter the cost.. Strong characters in this story present a positive message of responsibility and commitment to principle and honor. A King’s Task is the fantastic continuation of the story that began in A King’s Quest.  This is an excellent adventure that stays in the true vein of the genre and teaches the reader some important lessons about life.

Stay tuned for A King's Court, Vol. 3 of the Kingdom Chronicles as the epic story continues.




Galaxy of the Damned                                     by Michael D'Ambrosio


“We’re coming in hot. Stay to my left and we’ll cover you,” ordered Will.

“Forget it. The Widow Maker’s firing system is damaged. They can only target you in ‘manual’, Will. She’s all yours if you want her,” Arn declared proudly. “Tell Severin that I know she’ll do a fine job filling my shoes.”

“Damn it, Arn! You’re quitting on us.”

“No, son. I’m going out like the warrior I once was. It’s easy to forget what got you to the top. That makes you weak.”


A revolt on Calamaar; the long awaited Weevil invasion; and a dangerous new weapon set the stage for an explosive ending to the Space Frontiers Series. Will and Shanna risk all to save their people and end the Weevil threat that has plagued them for years. What price will they pay to bring peace to their kingdom and return to a normal life? Join Will and Shanna in what could be their last ride in Galaxy of the Damned, the end of the series that sci-fi readers will never forget.


PRICE: $15.00





Shapeshifter                                                 By Diana Bastine



As if Caitlin Flynn doesn’t have enough on her mind – with the impending decision of where to attend college and her budding romance with Fortescue – she finds herself involved in paying an old debt to the Tuatha de Danann, the Fairy Folk.

Fairies are disappearing at an alarming rate, and when Caitlin’s cat turns out to be a shape-shifting Tuatha investigating the trouble, she, her father Niall, and their Hamelyn friends Fortescue and Mortimer quickly become embroiled in another fantastical adventure.


PRICE:  $13.00





An Eternity of Shadow, A Collection of Vampire Diaries,           by Andrea Van Scoyoc                           Book 2 in The Dante's Vampire Diary Series                            



Rife with adventure, thrills, romance, heartache and a bit of the Supernatural, this book is the follow up to the long and anxiously awaited first book of this engaging, fictional Vampire series!  


A must-read for all Vampire aficionados and those who love a bit of the dark and macabre with their romance…






Kingdom in the Balance                                                          by Debra Killeen                Volume 5 of the series The Myrridian Cycle

Chaos comes to Myrridia’s immediate neighbors when the King of Esterlyn passes away after a long illness and the 2-year-old King of Wyckendom is murdered in his cradle, on the same day.  The heir to Esterlyn, 12-year-old Frederich DiStephane, is abducted as his uncle prepares to usurp the throne, while an unexpected heir to Wyckendom, Katharine Severinson, appears at that royal castle.  In the midst of these events, Frederich’s young friends mount a search party, uncaring of the potential dangers to themselves, and traverse the length of Myrridia in pursuit.  Shadows of past events continue to threaten the present as those with power in Myrridia work to rescue Frederich and aid him in claiming his inheritance, amid discovery of new Magical talents.

Is belief in a just cause and determination enough to overcome seemingly impossible odds, or does it take more, including a willingness to sacrifice oneself?


PRICE $17.00








The Myrridian Cycle by Debra Killeen


                      An Unlikely Duke                    Volume 1

                      A Prince in Need                    Volume 2

                      Legacy of an Archbishop      Volume 3

                      Priestess Awakening            Volume 4






Mice Don't Taste Like Chicken                              by Scott Heydt


Sixth grade can be a zoo.  Drew Harrington hopes so.  He and his best friend, Jackson Harris, can’t wait to join Bridgeton Elementary’s legendary teacher, Mr. Cross, in a classroom inhabited by cantankerous lizards, an elusive iguana, and a 13-foot Burmese python named Prometheus.  Will this year be as predictable as the past five?  Or will this be the year that makes Drew realize mice don’t taste like chicken?

Mice Don’t Taste Like Chicken is an enjoyable story about how students can learn from more than just textbooks—like from reptiles, for example. Scott Heydt’s voice makes for an authentic read with a relatable main character—I should know, only being a few years out of middle school myself!  Also, you might learn a thing or two about pythons and Nile monitors (or, like me, you might learn that there is such a thing as a Nile Monitor)!                                               

 ~Kieryn Nicolas, teenage author of Rain



PRICE:  $13.00 








Abner the Clown                                  by Jeffrey Breslauer


          "I wanted to be anything but Abner!" 

This is the lament of Abner the Clown as he tells young readers in rhyme how his clown friends helped him to be proud of who he is. Abner the Clown, a newly released picture book written by Jeffrey Breslauer, is the first in an ongoing series.  This book not only helps children who are struggling with their self-esteem, but it has been brought to the author's attention by a children's therapist that this whimsical tale of Abner the Clown would also be a great aid to youngsters in her grief counseling group.

          The book also includes a studio quality read-along CD of Jeffrey performing the voices of Abner and the Ringmaster; allowing the child and the parent to follow along with the story.  This format is similar to Scholastic's Clifford and Franklin the Turtle series, the Random House Beginner Books by Dr. Seuss and The Berenstein Bears series.

         As a professional actor and voice-over artist, Jeffrey is experienced in reading to children and has performed extensively in children's theatre in New York, Florida and many cities in between.


PRICE:  $24.99




THE  SOURCE                                   by Diana Bastine


When Caitlin Flynn discovers a strange-looking man near a cave in the west of Ireland, her quiet summer holidays take a detour.  She first suspects he’s a vampire, but soon learns that his story is far more wondrous and unusual.  He’s on a quest to save his people from extinction – and he needs Caitlin’s help!  But others are interested in thwarting the mysterious stranger’s plans and gaining power for themselves.  Can Caitlin and Fortescue find the Goddess Star and save the Source – and therefore all of Hamelyn?

















PRICE:   $15.00



  The Vampire's Tomb Mystery                              Dwight Christopher Kemper


Funerals...for most of us, the trappings of the funeral parlor and the finality of the cemetery commemorates the end, but for an actor like Armand Tesla, who was best remembered for his vampire roles, a funeral is only the beginning. Armand Tesla was to be buried in his vampire costume, but obviously the aged star of stage and screen horror was not yet ready to ring down the final curtain. No, it would not be nearly so easy to bury such a restless corpse. So be prepared for a case of a body that won't stay put and the tale of a struggling young movie director with more ambition than talent who turns up missing at the vampire's last bow. Indeed, my friends, this will prove to be just the kind of case that only a psychic Hollywood detective like Charles Criswell King, aided by Famous Monster Forrest J Ackerman, can solve. So, gentle reader, be prepared for a tale of creaking doors and empty coffins, of gunshots in the night and damsels in distress, all part of "The Vampire's Tomb Mystery." 

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Forrest J Ackerman, the initial J does not have a period after it. That is how Forry wrote his name.)


PRICE: $16.95


We need your votes!   Just nominated for Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards! Click the link and please vote:

Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards

"This book is a wonderful surprise in the genre!" 

J.D. Feigelson, writer/creator, Dark Night of the Scarecrow






Hey Mister, Will It Fly?                                     Robert A. Benjamin


If you have spent much time around model airplanes over the past twenty five years or so, you will probably already recognize the name Robert A. Benjamin. Bob published his first article in the old Model Builder magazine in 1983. Pick up any U.S. model magazine today and the chances are very good that Bob has written material for that title or that of the current magazine’s predecessor. He has published over thirty articles featuring original designs or gas-to-electric conversions of popular kits, and many more including product reviews, event reports and how-to info.  Bob wrote and directed the video program All Because Of Model Airplanes that has been used for years as the signature presentation at the National Aeromodeling Museum in Muncie, Indiana, as well as the instructional series Getting Started In Electric Flight and several other specialized titles produced for the AMA. He is also the artist behind that long series of aircraft paintings that appeared on the covers of Model Builder and Model Aviation magazines during the ‘80’s and ‘90’s.

In 1990 Bob began his career as a dedicated RC Scale competitor as one of a tiny handful of model builders who pioneered the use of electric power head-to-head with traditional engine powered models. Since then he has managed to become the first modeler ever to compete using electric power at the U.S. Scale Masters, at TOP GUN, and in 2002 as a member of Team USA at the World F4C (RC Scale) Championships in Toronto, Canada. There has never been an electric category at any of those events. In 2006 he was inducted into the Model Aviation Hall of Fame.

It was not always like that. Bob Benjamin’s life with model airplanes goes back to the late 1940’s. He has had his fair share of experience as the little boy hanging over the flying field fence and as the kid who scratched and saved for months to put a McCoy 35 on a Ringmaster. From classic stick-and-tissue rubber jobs to RC scale electric ducted fan jets, Bob has been there and done that. He knows what it feels like to fly a model by sheer force of will on a second-hand, third-rate radio and he knows what it feels like to have the very best RC systems in the world for the asking as a factory sponsored master modeler. The only thing Bob Benjamin never learned was how to give up. Hey Mister, Will It Fly? is his personal story of how it all happened.


Price: $10.00




The Devil's Playground                                                      Michael D'Ambrosio       Book Three of the Space Frontier Series


 The war with the Weevil takes on epic proportions as Will, Shanna and the rest of the crew try to stave off a major offensive when three new formidable opponents surface abroad and at home. Will’s diplomatic skills fail him as he is forced to be the aggressor instead of the peacemaker. The delicate balance between king and warrior has been tilted.  Will must decide who can be saved and who must be sacrificed before all is lost. Look for the fourth and last book of the Space Frontiers Series, The Galaxy of the Damned, due out in 2011 as Will tries to end the galactic war once and for all with desperate measures.

Visit Michael's website:  www.fracturedtime.com

Other books in the Worlds of Michael  D'Ambrosio:

Night Creeps    *    Fractured Time     *    Twisted Fate    *             Dark Horizons                                                                                                     

The Space Frontier Series:                                                                          The Eye of Icarus    &      Dangerous Liaisons


Price:     $15.00





NEVER SAY, "I'm on a diet."   George Gressell


Finally for the first time, a book on weight reduction that puts you in total control of what you eat.

After relearning some basic facts about:


      the mental side of weight loss,

      why you have trouble losing,

      and much more,

you will then be guided through a step by step  program starting with:

“How much should I eat anyway?”

Then you will design your own diet, based on your needs, tastes and goals. Do you want to maintain your weight?  Lose over a period of time? Or perhaps lose a little faster?

                    PRICE:  $10.00



Priestess Awakening                                          by  Debra Killeen                 Volume Four of The Myrridian Cycle  

While the Kingdom of Myrridia celebrates the wedding of their young king, the spirit of a slain Magical practitioner is resurrected in neighboring Wyckendom.

Since Myrridia’s Archbishop Edward Fitzroy no longer has any Magical abilities, it falls on the shoulders of Princess Allyson Claybourne, sister of Myrridia’s king, to battle this enemy.  But unknown to many in Myrridia, Allyson is following an unorthodox Magical path – one completely unacceptable to Myrridia’s Church.

Meanwhile, Allyson’s brother, King Robert Claybourne, has his own foe to meet on the field of battle – King Nicholas II of Wyckendom – who will stop at nothing to acquire Myrridia.


In desperate times, heroes come forward...willing to do whatever it takes....even if it means paying the ultimate price.



PRICE:  $15.00







Listen to an excerpt of An Unlikely Duke Audio Edition: 


              The Myrridian Cycle by Debra Killeen


                      An Unlikely Duke                    Volume 1

                      A Prince in Need                    Volume 2

                      Legacy of an Archbishop      Volume 3




Point of Reference - Nomad's Land  by Jay Allen Adams

       Real scientific possibilities exist as comic disaster, human arrogance, adventure and survival take place in Point of Reference - Nomad's Land. After discovering an unlimited Faster-Than-Light cosmic power source, three friends and scientific colleagues embark on a fantastic journey. Aboard their vessel the Nomad, they are instantly transported to worlds within worlds inside the mysterious infinite universe hidden deep within atomic particles. Intertwined with new friendships, marriage and the birth of their half alien child, the new team of seven become heroes winning a desperate race to save an alien world from the effects of a rogue asteroid. But as their once utopian world turns bitterly against them, the seven heroes soon find themselves in a race against time to escape the evil clutches of an ungrateful world. Forced into exile, they return to Earth and secretly continue their inner-world quests from deep within an underground crystal cavern. Erased from existence, their very survival depends on the beachhead of infinity they have established as their point of reference. 


PRICE:    $14.95





The Hypnotist  by Gordon Snider

In 1906, San Francisco has reached the peak of its golden age. Fortunes have created a society that attracts European opera singers and cordon bleu chefs. It is a world defined by elegant balls, oysters, and champagne. But there are darker sides to the city as well. One of these darker places is The Mission district south of Market Street houses tenements where shanties huddle together and rats plague the streets. And nearby sits Chinatown, an endless warren of dark alleys that offers gambling, prostitution, and opium, all controlled by vicious gangs, called tongs. Into these disparate worlds steps Marta Baldwin, a young woman who has shunned her own social background to help the poor. She is confronted by a hypnotist, a man who hypnotizes young women from the tenements and delivers them to the tongs in Chinatown to work in their brothels. Marta escapes his hypnotic trance, but when her assistant, Missy, disappears, Marta realizes she has been taken by the evil man who confronted her. She seeks the help of Byron Wagner, one of San Francisco's most prominent citizens. Marta finds herself drawn to Byron but knows his high social standing prevents any possibility of a relationship between them. This is confirmed when Marta discovers Byron having an intimate conversation with Lillie Collins, the daughter of one of the city's most elite families. Marta is flushed with jealousy. However, Lillie defies social customs, and her rebellious nature fits naturally with Marta's. Despite her envy, the two women become close friends. Marta is caught up in a whirlwind of opulent balls, opium dens and brothels, and police raids in Chinatown. She cannot deny her feelings for Byron, but she must save Missy and protect her new friends from harm. For lurking in the background is the hypnotist. He has become obsessed with Marta and will use all his guile to ensnare her. When he threatens those she loves, Marta is determined to stop him, even at her own peril. Will her boldness entrap her? If so, how can she hope to escape the man's hypnotic embrace? Then the earth moves, and nothing will ever be the same again.

PRICE $15.00

 Click the titles to see Gordon Snider's other books:

Sigourney's Quest and The Separatist





Indefensible           by Rebecca Frankey

Amanda Wilkes has her summer completely planned – work at the veterinary hospital, ride at Rough and Ready Stable, and hang out with her best friend Samantha.  But when she loses her job to the boss’s nephew and Samantha takes a position as a working student in another state, Amanda realizes that this summer is going to be anything but predictable.  Before leaving town, Samantha asks Amanda to promise her two things.  The first request is that Amanda takes care of Samantha’s new upper level event horse prospect, Indefensible.  While a talented and fearless jumper, Indy has the reputation of being unpredictable and a danger to his rider.  Amanda is thrilled to have the chance to work with the horse she has been in love with since the first time she saw him.  However, she soon learns that her love is not enough to prevent Indy’s bad behavior from surfacing. Samantha’s second request is that Amanda be kind to Justin, the pre-vet student who took her position at the veterinary hospital.   Having sworn to hate the person who took her job, Amanda is dismayed to find herself drawn to the handsome and charming Justin, and with the encouragement of her friends and family, she begins to develop a relationship with him that goes beyond simple friendship. As she struggles with her feelings of loneliness in Samantha’s absence and the mixed emotions of her first real love interest, Amanda also struggles to unravel the source of and cure for Indy’s dangerous behavior.  She knows that his future as an event horse can only be secured if he becomes a safe, reliable mount and she will soon discover that his very life depends upon it.

PRICE:  $12.00



A Visit to Heaven                                                  by Tom Te-Wu Ma

A Visit to Heaven is a collection of four stories by acclaimed writer Tom Te-Wu Ma. “A Visit to Heaven” is a riveting tale of Tai-lin and his four girlfriends: Pin-pin, who yearns to leave China for America; Ze-chen, a fairy who takes Tai-lin on a trip to Heaven and becomes his first lover; Xin-di, who explains to him the world of ghosts; and Donna Jones, his nurse at the psychiatric facility Tai-lin is sent to when his story of dying and being reincarnated in the recently deceased body of American James W. Cubin is not believed. Donna later becomes Tai-lin’s wife and they become parents under a remarkable set of unbelievable but true circumstances. In “Uncle Du” we meet 92-year-old Da-ye, born in a poor farmer’s home who became an experienced Chinese soldier, eventually made his way to the U.S. to attend the University of Michigan and later become an American citizen, an accountant and a hotel owner who married his childhood sweetheart Fu-lin. His story is one of perseverance and a steadfast strength of character. You will laugh and cry as Uncle Du’s story unfolds and come to admire a man with a dream.  “Wallet” shows Mr. Wang, a retired 40-year Chinese government employee that he is not at all like his beloved actor Bruce Lee but is instead a person he never imagined he would become. "Cigarette Butt” pits Tony Chen against the suspicions of his wife Silvia who learns that it is best not to jump to conclusions on the basis of flimsy evidence.

             PRICE: $12.00




Cocaine Jungle     by F.W. Brown

Will Bentley was a twice-elected Governor of the state of Kansas and one term President of the United States.  Six months ago, Bentley and his politically-oriented wife vacated the White House after an unsuccessful bid for a second term. Two hours ago, the New York Times hit the street with bold headlines: EX-PRESIDENT ASSASSINATED. A sniper's bullet had reduced Will Bentley to a crumpled blood-drenched heap at the entrance of the plush Pork Barrel Restaurant in lower Manhattan.  As Governor, it was rumored that Will Bentley had done business with shadowy people in South America. It had involved providing secret cover for cocaine shipments flown from Colombia to Donaldson Air Field near Topeka. The alleged cocaine operation was never investigated. After Bentley won the Presidential campaign, those rumors went away. If he had been involved in any illegal cocaine deals, apparently he’d gotten away with it….or had he?


                    PRICE: $14.00





I Promised You Daisies                                                                           Book 2 in the series Imperfectly Ordinary                                       by Robert A. Benjamin

For all of us who came of age during the time of Woodstock, hippies and Vietnam, our paths into adult life were more perilous than they might have been a few innocent years earlier. In 1966, although I had never heard a gun fired in anger, I was among the walking wounded of those days of political, intellectual and moral conflict. I was a fresh-faced, eager high school graduate about to embark on my journey of college, choosing a profession, and marrying my steady girl. No matter their sincerity, all of those dreams were broken and shattered. I faced difficult choices. I bore guilt I never imagined. I realized I had never learned how to give up. I Promised You Daisies is the second volume of my trilogy Imperfectly Ordinary. As a sequel to A Gift of Dreams, this is the story of my attempt to make sense of life during the disrupted decade that followed my boyhood in a contented traditional New England village. I recount meeting studious, serious-minded Karen Sandstrom, our discovery that we shared just about every opinion in life that mattered, and our student marriage. We were convinced our mutual support would enable us to accomplish more good things in the world than we might have managed on our own. But would that be enough to sustain our growing love?

                     PRICE:   $15.00         





Legacy of the Archbishop                      by Debra Killeen Volume Three of the Myrridian Cycle

The peace of winter is broken in the Kingdom of Myrridia by the murder of Archbishop Francis McHenry.  Even before the search for Francis’s slayer begins, Bishop Edward Fitzroy achieves his life’s ambition:  the position of Primate of Myrridia. Edward’s satisfaction is short-lived when he is confronted by a ghost from his past – his seminary rival and now Dark adept Aldric Smithson.  Aldric harbors old resentments and will stop at nothing to attain his ambition:  the destruction of Myrridia’s Church and Edward Fitzroy, whose Magic may not prove powerful enough to stop Aldric.


With power comes responsibility. 

But who is responsible for the fate of the innocent when those with power run amok?

PRICE $15.00






Dangerous Liaisons   by Michael D'Ambrosio                                                                                 Book Two of the Space Frontier Series

Will, Shanna, Jack, and  Maya, are back with all-new adventures waiting for you to discover in Dangerous Liaisons, Book Two of the Space Frontier Series. Read The Eye of Icarus, Book One which introduces Will Saris, the son of Billy Brock, hero of the Fractured Time Series.

 When King Tenemon’s demise leaves the alien alliance in shambles, Will is betrayed by an unlikely team member who is orchestrating a major coup. Will and the mega ship Leviathan with its perfect power source are the targets of an enemy more dangerous and foreboding than any they’ve encountered. The stakes are high as Will relies on untested friendships and alliances to back him as he attempts to unravel the mystery behind the threats to his new alliance.             


PRICE:   $15.00




Ellis House    by Maria Channell


Jolted awake from a recurring nightmare, clinical psychologist, Grace Morgan rushes to Ellis House to de-escalate Emily Rowan, a suicidal client who was admitted to the facility several hours earlier.  Grace quickly learns that managing unstable clients are the least of her worries at Ellis House, the group home for emotionally disturbed children where she recently accepted employment.  Recent budget cuts and long hours exacerbate the conflict between the residential staff and the mental health professionals.  Although she acknowledges the frustration among the staff, she does not understand the overt hostility directed towards her from a newly hired therapist who constantly defies her authority.  Barbara Levy, the residential director of the group home, is also adversarial, intent on seeing Grace and the clinical program fail.  But why, and what is her real agenda?  Despite Barbara’s bullying, Grace finds unlikely support for her in Corrine Duschene, a residential shift supervisor.  Suspiciously, Corrine disappears the night she discloses to Grace a longstanding pattern of corrupt practices at the group home.  The police investigation changes from missing persons to homicide when Corrine’s frozen remains are found several months later. 

Price: $12.95



O.Y.L.           by Scott Heydt

A tall-majestic apple tree manages to grow in Jenna Durstine’s apartment complex, where even blades of grass are at a premium.  Nearby in third-period English at Grayson High, where Jenna is a freshman, her infatuation grows for someone who her mother has warned can only lead her to heartbreak. 

Jenna’s journey to present day has not been easy.  Born to teen parents.  Along with her mother, a victim of a neglecting and abusive father.  Forced to be her own caretaker at a pivotal time in her life. 

Back to relative normalcy and stronger for the experience, the time is ripe for Jenna to focus on herself—and on coming clean about her feelings, despite her mother’s warnings, to the object of her affection.  A once ordinary, overlooked tree now becomes a symbol for Jenna’s desires.  Even in her dreams, the perfect apple lingers just beyond her fingertips as she searches for a way to say, “I love you." 

But when an intruder invades campus, putting Jenna’s newfound love in the center, Jenna must face her haunting past, must forgive her mother for the unforgivable, and must ultimately decide if love that is out of her league is worth the climb.  


PRICE: $10.00





A Boy With A Red Parcel     by Steven Haderlie



When sixth grader Jeremy Chase meets a strange visitor who wants to transport him to the mysterious land of Teradawn, Jeremy thinks nothing of it. Then his younger sister Sandy is mistakenly taken instead. Jeremy and Priscilla, Sandy’s twin, find a way to Teradawn where they are desperate to rescue their sister and return home.

In Teradawn, those who claim to be their friends seem less and less friendly. Their enemies continue to grow in number, and their only hope for rescuing Sandy is to master the elusive power of the Language. Meanwhile, they must grapple with the most pressing question of all: who has kidnapped Sandy, and why?


           PRICE: $10.00









Ring Dragonz                    by Mister Rengerz

All Henry, Walsh, and Peter wanted was to win the Junior International Robotics Competition. They never wanted to clash with undead whale zombies, or battle six-foot-tall skeleton key soldiers or even contend with a minotaur disguised as a Siamese cat.  But these three fifth graders will have to do all that and more when a Ring Dragon kidnaps Henry's sister, Anne Mai.


          PRICE: $12.95







Perhaps You Do Not Know Who I Am                                                                          by Rebecca Kopp DiPiazza


Through a veil of tears, I said to a physician, “Perhaps you do not know who I am.” Thus, the title of this book was born. Within a twenty-four hour period from the onset of abdominal pain, urgency, and frequency to urinate, I became physically incapacitated.

I share my journey from the onset of the symptoms as I search for a medical diagnosis. The search took ten months, and visits with eight doctors to arrive at several diagnoses. The diagnoses are Interstitial Cystitis, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Bulging Disc, and Depression.

Each day I lived in fear and apprehension. My illness was invisible, my symptoms were invisible, and I felt invisible. My pain and deterioration were not validated. I was challenged mentally as I began to doubt myself. Deep inside, I knew that there must be a great gift in this challenge. I have always believed that within every adversity there is indeed a spiritual gift. Indeed, I found more than one gift.

It is my hope that sharing my story will give hope and inspiration to others who are facing a drastic life style change or illness. I believe my story would be helpful to medical and mental professionals as well.

PRICE $9.95




A Prince In Need by Debra Killeen (Author of An Unlikely Duke-Vol. 1) Volume 2 of the Myrridian Cycle                                                    


When past sins bleed into the present, and the victims seek vengeance upon the perpetrators, how long is it before far enough becomes too far? After King Reginald Claybourne of Myrridia is slain in Rhennsbury’s most prosperous brothel, the big question is whether the motive is political or personal.  His son and daughter, Robert and Allyson, seek the help of Chris McCabe and Helen Lattimore, to aid in finding the guilty party, an unknown, dark-clad assailant, and to learn if the killing will stop.   But Chris and Helen have more problems than Reginald’s death . . . . . the arrival of two unexpected visitors from Dr. McCabe's home dimension.  One of their visitors encounters a sorceress, Cecelia Falkes, who threatens Chris’s persona of Christian Lattimore, and then Robert.  But does Cecelia have a connection to Reginald’s death, and if so, is the man who killed the king working with her, to avenge the slaughter of her family by Reginald and his army a few years prior?

PRICE:  $15.00




The Dragon Child                                   by C. K. Miller         Book One of the Noirfonika Series


The shores of Emturke Sea have been battlegrounds between Athelstan and the Black Serpent raiders for over three thousand years. Keatep Dreki-Fiatal, a soldier stationed at the outpost of Daram, is given the opportunity to escape this brutal life for a season as she is assigned to escort a Noblewoman to the capital of Athelstan.  Peace is short-lived when her charge is assassinated and Keatep discovers she has inherited the curse of the Royal Lineage. Through trials and betrayal, she learns it is she who is the only hope for the four Kingdoms of Kelperah.


PRICE:  $15.00




Switcher                                                  by Diane Mayer Christiansen

Samantha Schmealy is no one special, really. In thirteen years, she has lived a quiet life with her parents on their family farm. Nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened to her, unless you count the strange goings-on at a neighbor's house a mile away.  She has friends and enjoys school, but likes summer vacation even better. Yes, everything is quite normal for Sam...that is, until her parents find out about her ability to transform or switch into a sleek, black cat. There is only one thing to be done. Sam must be sent away for readjustment. Follow her journey through fear and anger to discovery and self acceptance as Sam and her new friends unravel the secrets of St. Levitius.

You might even say that being different is just fine...in fact it's downright amazing!

PRICE $12.95



The Eye of Icarus                           by Michael D'Ambrosio                               Book One of the Space Frontier  Series                                                                          

Will Saris, an ambitious and young officer in the Space Fleet, embarks on his first mission alone with one directive – be discrete. He disobeys that directive and sets off a chain of events that not only change his life but much of the universe as well. The Eye of Icarus, Book One in the Space Frontier Series, starts off with edge-of-the-seat action, heart-throbbing romance, and chilling suspense where Will Saris goes from a rookie officer and boy to a mature master manipulator of the alien races. The Eye of Icarus is the long awaited follow-up to D’Ambrosio’s Fractured Time Trilogy as Will Saris, son of Fractured Time’s Billy Brock, proves to be much like his father as he weaves his own thrilling and romantic adventures in a hostile universe.


           PRICE:   $15.00



Tales of Tanglewood: The Lon Dubh Whistle                                                                  by Scott Michael Kessman

Tales of Tanglewood: The Lon Dubh Whistle melds together influences of Celtic and Irish mythology with modern-day folklore, and is a fantasy novel to be enjoyed and cherished by all ages.  Within the pages of this tome you’ll find the adventures of Colin, a child who is fully aware of the hidden world of myth and wonder hiding within the woods just beyond his home, long kept secret by old magic.  Only the fey magic which runs through Colin’s veins has enabled him to find what others cannot; the Tanglewood, the ‘wood within the woods’. Full of odd characters and fey beings, the Tanglewood is a world of magnificent folklore come to life.  As Colin begins to explore the Tanglewood, he’ll find friendship with the ferrish Ailfrid, the elfin girl Deidre, and Doc Muffingrow, a wise druid. Colin will also find that there is much magic in himself, as well as dangerous enemies who’ll not let him find solace in the wood so easily. Ailil, King of the Sprites and ruler of The Below, has laid claim to Colin’s spirit, and Colin will need the help of his friends and quite a bit of magic to save himself.   The Tanglewood is a place like no other, and Colin is a boy like no other. Throughout his adventures, he’ll uncover the secret of the fey blood within him, and help dispel the poisonous corruption and hidden dangers that threaten the inhabitants of the wood and the Tanglewood itself.

PRICE:     $12.50




The Dictator's Astrologer                                                                           by Roberleigh H. Claigh


Hitler pressed a button, the elevator doors slid open and they ascended a 6,000 foot shaft through the heart of the mountain to Eagle’s Nest, his secret observatory. Astrological symbols were painted on the walls, and the Zodiac was rendered on a high ceiling of deep blue glass. “I call this room the Chamber of Stars,” he said to Afra.

“But why am I here?” she asked.

“Reichfuhrer Himmler has acquainted me with your astrological expertise,” he explained. “And I would like to know if you foresee anything significant in my future.”

The Dictator’s Astrologer, a historical novel, is based on the life of Afra Waesch, a real astrologer in Nazi Germany. Though the dark forces, personified by Hitler, destroy Germany, a still higher power protects Afra from the treachery of the Hitler regime. Surviving several attempts on her life, Afra develops into a master spiritual astrologer with psychic abilities of clairvoyance and astral travel. But would she have the strength to tell the Fuhrer what she read in his stars?  Contains the star charts of Hitler's Cabinet, niece, Geli, and girlfriend, Eva Braun.



PRICE: $12.95


The Cowgirl and The Colts                         by Paul Travers


In 1959 Carolyn Clark and her pony Dixie rode into the pages of football history as the first female mascot in professional football.  Carolyn was  an accomplished horsewoman by the age of ten and daughter of the legendary jockey Willie Clark. She dreamed of starting a riding academy for handicapped children.  Her fame as a Baltimore Colt created a touching story of faith, family, friendship and football.  This is her story – a look at life in the 1950’s, professional football, horses, and rock and roll as seen through the eyes of a young cowgirl.  

 “The Baltimore Colts were a complete team...that was not just the players but the fans.  What would that team have been without Carolyn and Dixie?  They were special part of that team, the magical and fragile bond between players and fans."   Raymond Berry, Baltimore Colts 1955-1967, 1958 and 1959 World Championship teams, Pro Football Hall of Fame 1973


PRICE:     $15.00




The Separatist                                                                                                     by Gordon Snider (Author of Sigourney's Quest and The Hypnotist)

Meet journalist Julia Rice, who is sought out by a mysterious Mr. Anderson with the promise of giving her a very interesting story that would definitely help her career.  Julia follows her curiosity and meets with Mr. Anderson.  At first she is taken back by his ways but something makes her continue to meet with him as he begins to reveal a story that goes back into time and one that seems to have some connections with one she is working on in present day. A connection perhaps with her own life and a story that will definitely bring her to the brink of extreme danger, yet give her the story of a lifetime.   Mr. Anderson was at one time a Separatist, hired for a case that would change his life forever. The Separatist is based on a Japanese custom where people hire such a specialist to end relationships.  This might involve a spouse, a lover, a business partner, or any other kind of personal relationship.  The idea is to create a situation that is so embarrassing to the “mark” that he or she will agree to severe the relationship without public displays of discord, publicity, or court proceedings This is the story he must reveal to our Julia that will in turn change her life. Just who is this mystery man, Mr. Anderson, and why has he chosen Julia to confide the details of the evil he knows and the people involved?  Will Julia come out of this alive or has Mr. Anderson put them in a situation that will end both of their lives?


PRICE:   $15.00



A Gift of Dreams                                                                                                        by Robert A Benjamin         Book  One of the Trilogy, Imperfectly Ordinary                              

When you were a kid, did they call you names?  They did it to me all the time. It hadn’t taken anyone I knew very long to figure out that I was what you called smart, so I got used to hearing teacher’s pet and bookworm and sissy and others I’d rather not remember. As we got older I progressed to being called weird and queer...before any of us guessed what that really meant..., and eventually just plain asshole. Clearly something was wrong and it was not at all difficult to believe hints beyond counting that whatever it was, the fault lay with me. It did not help when my elders more or less joined in. My strict grandmother Victoria liked to make sure I was close enough to overhear her grumbling about how that boy is too smart for his own good, and though I had long since learned to avoid what adults in those days called being fresh-mouthed, I also knew that certain kinds of questions would never fail to prompt my mother to snap don’t you get started being a smart aleck with me. I didn’t get it. Didn’t everyone my age have an interest in everything? Couldn’t everyone just pick up whatever books might be lying around and start reading? Couldn’t everyone always get good grades without having to try very hard? There was one name I might have been called that would have helped a lot, but gifted was not a term you heard much in New England Puritan society during the ‘40’s and ‘50’s. As far as I was concerned, the whole notion of gifted children might as well not have been invented yet. I tried to teach myself to keep my head down and to work at dreaming up an explanation of life that might make sense. I learned to exist as the boy who was merely tolerated at the fringe of juvenile society as I knew it, where sadness was just one of the facts of life, but I never learned how to give up, and without truly realizing what was happening, I set about discovering that there was indeed plenty of joy in life, too, if you knew where to look for it. From time to time I dared to hope I was about to get it all right. I didn’t. Instead, I came to accept that most of what I thought about myself was probably not true. I got that part wrong too. In the end it was going to cost me most of a lifetime to understand what had actually happened to me, and then to work out what I was supposed to do about it. A Gift of Dreams is the story of how I began that adventure. 


PRICE: $15.00




Shadow in the Rain                                                                             by  Harriett Ford

A cub reporter becomes convinced that an innocent man has been convicted of murder. While she tries to untangle the truth of the crime and free him from prison, she is stalked by a killer and challenged to free herself from her own prison of grief and love again. Based on an actual crime in Rockford, Illinois, the book includes an addendum by nationally known forensics scientist, Arthur Chancellor, who states, "There is not enough evidence--motive, weapon, or witness accounts--to convict Ted Kuhl."  This is a "must read" for those who hope to see changes in the criminal justice system, those who are hoping to see a new trial for Ted Kuhl, imprisoned since 1997, and for any person who finds himself wrongfully accused of a crime.

Click here to watch the video!


 PRICE:  $14.95



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Robert A. Benjamin www.imperfectlyordinary.com

Harriett Ford       www.deniedevidence.com

Dr. John Morella                                     www.johnmorella.com

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Maria Channell                         www.ellis-house.com

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C. K. Miller                                 www.ckmillerhome.com

Michael D'Ambrosio                  www.fracturedtime.com

Scott Kessman                              www.talesoftanglewood.com

Diana Bastine      www.fairycatmother.net

Debra Killeen                                               www.myrridia.net                       

Paul Travers                               www.paultravers.com

Michael E. Hill                   www.lordemberstonesquest.com

Harriett Ford                                 www.deniedevidence.com

Greg Grannis                                 www.lottiebright.com

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David Fane                                    www.davidfane.com

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 Gordon Snider                            www.gordonbooks.250free.com        

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